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Corporate Identity Designing

"Investing in a new identity”

You want a new corporate identity? That’s also right up our alley. We’ve been working in this domain for the past one decade. Fortunately, the process of developing an exciting Corporate Identity is not rocket science. At XNT we have experts who quickly interpret your brand’s perpetual cues and guide you towards a process to develop a Corporate Identity for your Brand. You may choose some elements of the package (say Logo and Stationary), or choose all the elements, but you’ll love what you ultimately serve to your customers.

Logo Design

“A Logo Design Worth Thousands of Words”

Many companies are identified by their logo. Nike has the simple ‘swoosh,’ while McDonald has the famed ‘golden arches.’ We all identify with these companies through these memorable logos. At XNT, we can help you create a unique logo to represent your business. Our talented team of graphic designers will pair their industry knowledge with your personal preferences to create the perfect logo to properly represent your company.

Professional Business Brochure Designing

“Make that everlasting first impression with a vibrant synopsis of your work.”

Investing in custom designed brochures for your company is always a good marketing strategy. Trade shows, B2B marketing and various networking events are all excellent avenues to gain new business, and custom brochures can go a long way in helping your company stand out in a large crowd. The team at XNT can help create a stunning brochure design that is also simple and informative for potential clients and current customers.