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Bulk SMS and E-Mail

We Don't Build Applications. We Build Business.

SMS & E-Mail Marketing Has Never Been So Easy, Yeah? But We Made It Possible.

We XNT, allows you to send SMS and E-mails from your computer via the Internet panel. Just set up an account, upload your contact’s mobile numbers (we can help you), type out your message and click send. It is that simple.

Only Pay For What You Use. Thats Right You Heard Us.

Our competitive pricing structure for our SMS and E-mail credits means you can message your entire list to let them know about a promotion, or you could send a single message to remind a client of an appointment. The choice is yours and you will only ever pay for what you use.

Worrying About Scheduling?Not A Problem.

In our bulk SMS and E-mail services you can even schedule the message according to your convenience as at which time where a message should reach ,so we providing you with overall control for whatever promotional activity you are looking for. Is not that all you need ?

Take Control Of Your Contacts. It's Simple And Fast.

We take the stress out of managing all and every contact on your list. Uploading is as simple as importing a spreadsheet in .csv format. There is no limit to how many contacts you can add and to make it easier on you we automatically clean your list when a user unsubscripted or not valid.

World-Class Support. See For Yourself

We provide support to our customers every step of the way. We also tailor a pricing package to suit your budget. Our friendly staff are also more than happy to assist you with sending your messages, importing contacts, topping up your credit and any other support that you might need.